Unleashing Excellence through paying it forward

Founded in December 2020, Pay it Forward Tuesdays came about when Co-Founders Chuck Hester and Adam Sinkus realized that there were 4 Tuesdays in December in addition to Giving Tuesday, 2020. Four more opportunities to pay it forward!

Working with three other world-class consultants, Lorie Marroro, Jennifer Radke, and Bob Schiers, they decided to pay it forward to a non-profit organization or an up-and-coming entrepreneur by providing 2 ½ hours of free consulting time in their areas of expertise.

Thus the Pay it Forward Tuesdays Initiative was born. 

The Pay it Forward Five Come Together

During December 2020 The Pay it Forward Five (as we are affectionately known) came alongside two 501c3s and two entrepreneurs to help them grow and be more successful. 
Chuck Hester Headshot

Chuck Hester

Linkedin Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Adam Sinkus Headshot

Adam Sinkus

Digital Marketing, Strategic Leadership

Lorie Marrero

Lorie Marrero

Business Consulting, Business Strategy

Bob Schiers Headshot

Bob Schiers

PR and Media Relations

Jennifer Radke Headshot

Jennifer Radke

Social Media Marketing

Our Team Gives Back

Each recipient received 30 minutes of consulting from these consultants, in the areas of LinkedIn marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Coaching, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations.

After this initial effort, it was decided that Pay it Forward Tuesdays need to continue into 2021 and beyond. Now every third Tuesday of the month, a new recipient is chosen.

For The Pay it Forward Five, it is truly a fulfilling experience, and one we are excited to continue to work on and grow in the future.

If you are a 501c3 or an entrepreneur/business owner, or if you know someone who could benefit from the Pay It Forward Tuesdays Initiative, check out our nomination form to be considered.